The Kamisori razor has a long history going back over 1400 years. The razors were first used in ceremonies for shaving the heads of Buddhist monks to symbolise their faith and later adapted by the Samurai. 

Our Luxury Folding Kamisori comprises of a high polish, chromed zinc alloy body.

A one touch quick release blade change and beautifully paired custom scales made by hand.

So no razor will EVER be exactly the same. Giving you that Truly Individual, One of a kind, Bespoke piece. 

Walnut burl / Woolly Mammoth Kamisori Razor

  • Kamisori Razor:

    • High polish chromed zinc alloy body 
    • One touch quick release blade blade change



    • AAA High figure Walnut Burl scales 
    • 400 Thousand year old Woolly Mammoth spacer 
    • 304 stainless steel pinstriping 
    • Leather case